Introducing The JD's. Filling silence since 2009. 


It took nearly four years for James and Josh to finally press record on their antics, giving birth to 'The Banter Diaries' in mid-2013. The rest is history.

The Banter Diaries is produced by Zac Grose.


Josh Debenham has so much energy for life that you're actually a little concerned - but that quickly turns to envy once you realise how much fun Josh is having.

When things go quiet, Josh always has a question for you. He loves to learn, and to share his own fascinating discoveries. Josh has never been in his 'comfort zone' long enough to remember the postcode.

Josh has a background in science, but switched to marketing when he fell in love with brands. When not podcasting, Josh is bokeh-ing the hell out of his photos, and impressing strangers with great conversation. 

James Davies is a walking contradiction: 

  • A tall white man who drinks a short black
  • Of Greek and British heritage, but drives an Italian car, and
  • Has a watch collection, but is never on time. 

Despite this, James is world-class. Mature and considered, James often presents as profound. However, beneath the surface is a wicked sense of mostly-phallic humour.

James has a background in business management, sales and web development. He has a foreground in cars, photography and cars.